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New Orleans March 4, 2012

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My husband and I came back from an amazing one week vacation. It was the first vacation we’ve taken since our honeymoon (2.5 yrs ago).

We utilized these two websites for finding food:

Since I hadn’t started the blog yet, I’m going to just summarize:


  • Green Goddess, French Quarter — Everyone kept telling us to go there, but there were only a few vegan options. We got there at 630p, but only had seating outside. Luckily, it wasn’t too cold, so we were able to get a table outside immediately. They do not take reservations. We ordered the utthappam (Indian lentil pancake) and muhammara (red pepper dip with vegetables), which were both good, but expensive for the portion. For dessert, we ordered what we thought was rice pudding, but turned out to be a scoop of black rice in a bowl of coconut milk, topped with mini tapioca balls. The waitress made it sound much better than it looked or tasted.
    Yummy: The entrees tasted good.
    Dummy:  No reservations, but fill up quickly. Expensive for portions.
  • Le Bayou, Bourbon St — We found this one by searching “vegetarian” on Google Maps and went here because they had a vegan muffuletta on the menu. We ordered vegan french onion soup (which I had never had), the vegan muffuletta (fried eggplant, olives, bread), and a big salad. Gabe said the soup was good and not too salty; I just don’t like that much onion. We hadn’t had a muffaletta yet and didn’t realize it was mostly bread. We were excited, though, to check muffuletta off of the “must do” list. The salad was quite substantial.
    Yummy: Accommodating waitstaff, nice atmosphere.
    Dummy: Only one vegan entree.
  • Meals From the Heart, historical French Market — there is a wonderful black bean sandwich/po-boy that comes with homemade salsa and fresh steamed vegetables. They also have vegan pancakes and smoothies, which we did not try.
    Yummy: Very affordable; the owner was very friendly; delicious, healthy food.
    Dummy: The French Market is not relaxing dining atmosphere, per se.
  • Bennachin, Royal St — This was listed as vegan friendly, which it was, but was very expensive and the food was very boring. Spicy, but boring. The jambalaya was just rice, which was disappointing. The couscous with vegetables was not filling at all. We ordered medium spicy, but was much more spicy than anticipated. Our waitress was pretty inattentive and someone was making lots and lots of noise in the back. No free refills on the ice tea, which is lame.
    Yummy: None.
    Dummy: Spicy, but boring; un-filling; inattentive wait staff; noisy.
  • Carmo, business district — Lots of vegan options! They were out of dessert and said they would have more the next day. When we called the next day, they said they didn’t have any dessert that day, which was very upsetting. The entrees were delicious though. The top one is supposed to be an open faced sandwich, made with grilled plantains instead of bread, with avocado, vegan sausage, and tomatoes. The bottom one is a Brazilian dish made with beans and rice.
    Yummy: Very good food.
    Dummy: No dessert.
  • Surreys, Magazine St — Forgot to take a pictures, sorry. We ordered two sandwich/soup combos, with the vegan white bean soup, which was delicious, and an avocado pesto and an exotic Caribbean sandwich.
    Yummy: Very good food; cute ceramic house fronts to buy.
    Dummy: Only open for lunch; cash only; grumpy staff; no dessert.
  • Corner Muse, Magazine St — We randomly stopped in after Surrey’s and were pleasantly surprised to find vegan cookies! Unfortunately, it just looks like poop in the picture, sorry. Nice cafe where we happened to be walking.
  • Feelings Cafe, Marigny — Very good. They had a few different options, and we were able to order a combo, which is my favorite, because then we get to taste everything! We had split pea soup with a beet and pecan salad. Plus a vegetable stack, a tempe patty – so much!
    Yummy: Very good. Lots of things to order.
    Dummy:  The waitress seemed pretty frazzled. The busser brought garlic bread and we asked if he had something without butter on it. He brought back plain bread that was stale. Somehow we ate it anyways. Then he brought us another loaf (oh he shouldn’t have!) that was much warmer and fresh.
  • Gumbo Shop — I think this was Gabe’s favorite. For some reason, we weren’t expecting a full blown restaurant, but it was quite classy. Gumbo soup, which had rice in it (didn’t know it had that), plus beans with rice and fresh salsa, with bread. The beans were spiced really well.
    Yummy: Nice restaurant, friendly staff, good food.
    Dummy: Only one vegan option.
  •  O! Vegasm, Marigny — Kind of a hole-in-the-wall in someone else’s hole-in-the-wall. The waitress was very nice and friendly – she told us places we could go and even mentioned there was a Vegan Drinks that night. We got there around 6ish, but there wasn’t much ready yet, something about how they got stuck in traffic on their way to the grocery store.  We ordered what they had, which was jambalaya and BBQ sandwich with fries. Obviously, we only remembered to take a picture of the jambalaya. I had called the previous night to ask if they had dessert and the person said no, but they would have it the next night. When we went the next night, no dessert.
    Yummy: Friendly staff. Their menu has a lot of options. Take a cab.
    Dummy: Only a few of the options were actually available. No dessert.
  • Wandering Buddha, Marigny — Vegan Korean restaurant near O! Vegasm. We went because the waitress at O! Vegasm said they had dessert, which they did… kinda. Some sort of pancake with cinnamon and sugar plus a coconut ice cream. You can walk, but stay on the main streets.
    Yummy: Dessert.
    Dummy: We sat outside because it was nice and that’s where there was seating. They are clearly understaffed and the waiter kept forgetting us. The desserts were not worth the $4 each. We went to Feelings Cafe for dinner the next night instead.

Tada! We spent a lot of money, but we hadn’t been a vacation since our honeymoon over 2 years ago, so it was really great to spend some time together, taking a break.

Non food wise, we also went to the Insectarium (cool), Aquarium (feed the birds – do it), Zoo (depressing, don’t go), US Mint (small, boring), Voodoo Museum (small, unimpressive), Cabildo (boring, we skipped the Presbytere), Dr Wagner’s Swamp Tour (absolutely the best, worth every cent), City and Cemetery tour (do it, we saw lots of things we wouldn’t have otherwise).

Music wise, we went to Preservation Hall (3 different nights), Fritzel’s (Jumbo Shrimp Jazz Band is awesome!), Spotted Cat (not bad), dba (Treme Brass Band needed an attitude adjustment), Irvin Mayfield’s Playhouse (okay, depending on the band – order a Stormy Weather, delicious).


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